Marketing Mobile Apps for Social Media

Marketing Mobile Apps for Social Media

Social Media marketing made fun and easy with new tools! With the endless benefits of graphic design applications and marketing mobile apps, you can make your feed stand out amongst millions of other users. Get your team involved in making your social media presence known with these marketing tools.

Here are some of our favorite marketing apps for social media.


Animate your images effortlessly with this unique app. No designs skills need to bring life into your stills. Try adding traveling clouds to your exterior or a cozy flame to your outdoor firepit. Pixaloop offers a great supply of attention grabbing materials to make your next social media post a hit!

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Instagram video created with Pixaloop


Having trouble thinking of the perfect caption? Captiona is full of clever one-liners for you to use for free! Type in any keyword and find the best zinger for your post. From Happy Hour to Wedding Bells Captiona makes coming up with Instagram captions too easy!


We can’t get enough of this easy to use social post design tool! Canva offers hundreds of free to use templates, sized for every platform. Amazingly simple graphic design, access to free stock photos and fonts, your team can create unique posts with just a drag and a drop.

Marketing app of international womens day social graphic
Social graphic created with Canva


Clips is an impressive video editing tool that allows you to add text, transitions, a soundtrack, stickers, and more to your videos! Show your fans all the fun to be had at your property with a stunning video highlighting your best features.

Repost for Instagram

Repost for Instagram makes it simple to share your favorite videos and images from your guest, all while giving them credit! Have your guest tell your story for you. Repost their best days and show your fans the possibilities.

 At All Things Hospitality, we know the most strategic ways hotels can build their brands and gain maximum exposure. With our knowledge of unique marketing tools, and marketing mobile apps, our experts can help you incorporate them into your marketing plan. Feel free to contact us at any time to learn more information or to get a quote. Visit our social media pages for daily creative inspo!