Hotel Photography 5 Do’s and Don’ts

Hotel Photography 5 Do’s and Don’ts

At All Things Hospitality, we’re experts in hotel photography. We know exactly how to capture images that will sell drive conversions on all your booking channels. See these 5 Do’s and Don’ts hotel photography tips before your next session to increase maximum results.

Do: Select the Right Guest Rooms

Guest room selection is about more than just finding your “BEST” guest rooms.  Light plays a critical role in the final image quality.   Too much natural light can wash out the room and result in overexposed areas that detract from the final image quality.  Too little light can make a space feel dark and lifeless.  Determining which guest rooms to select is based completely on the time of your session.  Follow this rule of thumb:

  • MORNING SESSION: Block guest rooms with WEST-facing windows.
  • AFTERNOON/EVENING SESSION: Block guest rooms with EAST-facing windows.
  • North-facing rooms typically offer softer light; however, this can change with the season.

If you aren’t sure which location is best, visit your guest rooms during the scheduled time of your session.  If there are beams of light on the floor, or harsh light in the window, select a guest room on the opposite side of the building.

hotel photography example of guestroom with natural light
Example of natural light’s effect in a room.

Do: Iron your Linens

Want to know the secret to a well-made bed? It’s freshly pressed sheets! ATH uses professional lighting, to help balance natural light and create ambiance. Our professional lighting brings attention to EVERY detail in the room. Don’t make wrinkled pillows the focus. Here’s an example showing a before and after ironed bedding.

hotel photography example of bed with ironed sheets
Ironed linens create a more inviting atmosphere.

Additional Tips:

  • Iron front of pillows cases
  • Iron top corners of fitted sheet while on the bed
  • Press bed skirts 

We recommend ironing all visible linen including Bed Skirts, Pillow Cases, Curtains, and Cloth Shower Curtains. Steam is your best ally in removing wrinkles.   If your area is humid, leave the climate control on to keep linens fresh and crisp.

Don’t: Execute Repairs Day of Session

Your photography session is a time-limited opportunity, with many variables. Maintenance needed for your session such as carpet cleaning or installments should be scheduled days before your photography session. With such a limited amount of time to capture the perfect image, you wouldn’t want to leave your photographer left waiting for the paint to dry.

Do: Block Parking in View of Exterior

Most brands require images to be free of cars and guests. Blocking the parking spaces around the main entrance or in view looking toward the main entrance will ensure cars are not visible. Save hundreds on post production cost!

hotel photography example of exterior
Vehicles can date an exterior image

Additional Tips:

  • Ensure all exterior accent lights are working properly.
  • Have an engineering team member on hand during the session to override your exterior light timers or sensors.
  • Check your monument and building signs to ensure all lights are working properly and they are bright and clean
  • Remove trash cans and ashtrays from entryways

Don’t: Forget to Utilize Your New Photos

ATH delivers a full range of graphic design and marketing solutions customized for hotels. Our savvy marketing professionals, design gurus and technical geniuses invest time to understand your goals, to share your story, and drive more revenue. Update your hotel’s sales kit with new imagery, using ATH’s marketing tools!

Contact All Things Hospitality to expand your marketing efforts and reach more potential guests using your new hotel photography. Following these five steps for photography planning will help maximize your photography investment.  If you aren’t sure your photography is effectively selling your hotel, contact the All Things Hospitality team for a free photography evaluation.  The ATH team specializes in hotel photography and helps guide hotel teams through the planning and execution of a successful hotel photography session.

ATH strives to capture exactly what it is that makes you hotel unique. For over a decade All Things Hospitality has been trusted to deliver the highest-quality photography results for hundreds of hotels owned or managed by the nation’s top hospitality groups. Schedule your hotel photography session today.