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Reputation Management helps you understand what guests are saying about your hotel, improves your hotel's visibility in local search and provides progress reports to identify areas for improvement.

Boost your online presence. Visibility is about quality and quantity. Your Online Presence score shows how accurate your online listings are, as well as which ones are missing so you can rank higher in local search.

Monitor reviews for dozens of verticals. Whether it's a five-star TripAdvisor review or a two-star Yelp rating, ATH Reputation Management retrieves ratings and comments from all of the biggest review sites, as well as dozens of industry-specific sources.

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Responding to reviews to build customer relationships

Monitoring online reviews and mentions is important, but businesses that take the time to respond to their customers can really set themselves apart from the competition. Responses build trust, which translates into higher loyalty and increased sales.

Find a bad review? A rapid response that is objective and focused on a solution is critical. The ATH Reputation Management service ensures your guests receive a professional response quickly. Your team can also respond directly in the Reputation Management platform.

See a positive review? Spread the word! Share it around multiple social networks with a click of the 'Share' button.

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Sit back and let us deliver automated alerts to maximize engagement and increase sales

Alerts are sent when new information is found. These notifications are configurable, allowing you to control the triggers.

Executive Reports roll up activity for all aspects of online presence and reputation management. This report can be emailed out daily, weekly or monthly.